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Van in Sydney (with Dan!)

Posted on 2 Aug 2018 by Vanessa Ong

I’ve been told I’ve underperformed in being a proper tourist in the five months I’ve been here. (But I can only handle one kind of exploring at a time. I’ve been a ‘tourist’ in the ancient languages – SO MANY new sights and sounds with Greek and Hebrew!)
But now, it’s the winter break and I am awaiting for my exam results.

Time to see the city of Sydney! (Friends, please pray for good exam results and a scholarship to save on CERC’s spending!)


“Fellow workers conference” time: Dan and Van are in Sydney!

Thankfully, it’s also holidays for Daniel Lu who has come to visit ~the Moore College Library~ ~me~ basically any room filled with knowledge.

Dan was very insistent we make the detour to go into the State Library of NSW

Introducing my CMA (Church Ministers’ Apprenticeship) senior, a 3rd year student in Trinity Theological College, Perth. We’ve been ~bros~ ~friends~ basically two people who are polar opposites in every aspect imaginable except one, committed to doing ministry in Malaysia. He has been the fellow worker I can debate, argue and bounce off ideas to about the ministry that is always on our heart and mind.  

Since writing about someone else is much easier and more fun than writing about myself, I will dedicate part of this blog to Dan!


Dan: A studious thinker for God’s church

Van: “Where you? Want breakfast?”
Dan: “I’m in the library” (again!)

It’s a good thing that God’s church will have a worker who is working hard at his reading and studying. He spent his mornings in the Moore College Library, enjoying its facilities, as he works on the Gospel of John.

This guy is always thinking about something and constantly bugging me with his questions and seemingly random conversation topics. People always look at the pair of us and probably think I am the chatty one. Well, just you wait till you engage Daniel in a topic worth discussing. It’s usually theology and usually something with ministry implications like culture and sociological observations. The Malaysian church can be thankful for a thinker who loves Christ, his church and his gospel, unfortunately a rare but much needed gospel investment. (Disclaimer: He did not pay me to write this)   


Dan+Van: “Are you guys together?” 

We are certainly “together” but not in the way you might think. During his visit to Sydney, I often had to clarify for friends of mine, “By the way, we are not dating. We’re just ‘bros’ wanting to do ministry!”.

Dan and I have had many conversations on singleness in ministry – about its difficulties and negative stereotypes, its many joys and conveniences. We find encouragement from Paul’s words “she (or he) is happier if she remains as she (or he) is” (1 Cor 7.40) as we encourage one another as fellow comrades being busy for the Lord as singles, chatting endlessly about our shared vision we have for strong and healthy churches in Klang Valley. There’s LOTS to do in Klang Valley and both of us are enjoying the freedom singleness provides.


A common occurrence: Endless chat about church and ministry

I’m really grateful that we managed to spend one week hanging out in Sydney – cooking Malaysian food, meeting people, being tourists and most of all, talking talking and talking. Although the term “polar opposites” was probably created for the pair of us, one thing always brings us together: Long-term commitment to ministry.

We have moved countries and have spent some time apart but we still do what we have always done. In a sense, nothing has changed. We still end up in the familiar scene of bickering, arguing and going on and on, deep in conversation about ministry, theological matters, CERC, the local church scene in Klang Valley, evangelical ministry and everything else in between!

Chatting about ministry in McDonald’s. We’re thankful for AUD 0.60 ice-cream (We’re even more thankful for those contributing to CERC’s theological fund. We promise not to eat too many ice-creams with your money! Thank you so very much for your love for gospel ministry and its workers!)


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