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For anyone who's concerned and desirous of supporting CERC in their ministries, I strongly encourage you to support them financially; to see the gospel expand in terms of the growth of the churches, conferences, teaching in Malaysia and around the world.

THIS IS A VITAL MINISTRY that is very important to continue.

- Dr Stephen J. Wellum -
Professor of Christian Theology at
The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, USA

Supporting CERC financially

Our latest CMA, Winnie Lai is going to Westminster Theological College in 2024! Here's what Rev Dr Vern Poythress & Rev Dr David Garner have to say:

Thank you for your interest and love to want to support CERC and her ministries. We have three funds that you can give towards to:

  1. General Fund – for the daily, weekly and monthly running of the church, including stipends for our full-time workers.
  2. Theological Education Fund – a fund set-up to send our apprentices to seminary.
  3. Building Fund – a deposit that is needed to purchase the current building that we are using in CERC Central.

Bank account details (Malaysia)

Fund Institution Account Name Account No. Contact
General Fund RHB Bank Berhad CERC Trust 2-14062-0010148-8 Lucy Leng
Theological Education Fund RHB Bank Berhad CERC Theological Training Trust 2-14062-0010147-0
Building Fund RHB Bank Berhad CERC Properties Trust 2-14062-0010145-3

Bank account details (Singapore)

Institution C/O Account No. Singaporean Contact Malaysian contact
POSB Savings Pastor Foo Yuk Yee & Calvin Ow Yong 401-58913-9
Joy Gan

Bank account details (Australia)

Institution C/O Account No. Australian Contact Malaysian contact
St George Bank Vivian Wing Wing Yang & Anna Hu 473245403
(BSB: 112-879)
Joy Gan

Contribute to

Bank Transfer


General Fund
RHB Bank Berhad
CERC Trust

Theological Education Fund
RHB Bank Berhad
CERC Theological Training Trust

Building Fund
RHB Bank Berhad
CERC Properties Trust

Contributions can be made through cheque/money order/internet banking.

For Malaysian supporters, please drop Lucy Leng ( an email if you deposit your support via online banking.


Click to view overseas bank details


C/o: Pastor Foo Yuk Yee & Calvin Ow Yong

POSB Savings

Account No:



Account Name:
Vivian Ming Wing Yang & Anna Hu

St George Bank


Account No:


For Singaporean & Australian supporters, please drop Joy Gan ( an email.


QR Pay

  1. Login to your Mobile Banking app (eg: Maybank). The supported banks are listed below.
  2. Choose QR pay and scan the DuitNow QR code below and confirm.

If Jesus Wrote a Support Letter

Dear Ministry Partners,

A little more than 40 days ago I was abandoned by all of my followers, condemned as a criminal, and publicly executed. I really had a tough week. However, the tomb I was once in is now empty, and I have since shown myself and my glorified body to more than 500 people! I'm happy to report that, as a result, I am now running about 120 followers (though we would have liked to see more, given the uniqueness of the resurrection event). You should know that the only place we have to meet is a hot, stinky upper room. Sure, we'd love to have a better meeting place, but we want you to know that we're not just spending your money willy-nilly. Anyway, pray for us, and please keep sending money.

In Me,

This is what it might have looked like had the risen Christ had to write the ancient equivalent of our modern-day missionary support letters. If you've ever had to raise money as a church planter or cross-cultural missionary, you know how awkward writing such letters can be.

If you're on the receiving end of those letters, you may wonder why so few of them feel authentic or meaningful. While they certainly serve an important purpose—keeping supporters, prayer partners, and family members up to date on our ministry—for this we will keep writing. Updates will still come because we are more interested in sharing our lives than we are in selling our ministries.

See full article here:

Elden, our other seminarian who is currently in his 3rd year at Westminster Theological College, can’t wait for Winnie to join him in the States!

Celebrating lives changed by the gospel

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CERC's Consultant on Theological Education

Rev Dr David Peterson is CERC's Consultant on Theological Education. David has spent his entire career dedicated to the study and teaching of the Bible through seminaries, books and the pulpit. He is currently Director of Cornhill Sydney which trains people to preach and teach the Bible. He is also an Emeritus Faculty Member of Moore Theological College, Sydney where he used to be a lecturer in the New Testament. From 1996 to 2007, Dr. Peterson was the Principal of Oak Hill Theological College, London.

As an author, his notable works include The Acts of the Apostles (Pillar New Testament Commentary), Possessed by God (New Studies in Biblical Theology), and more. His research on the topics of Sexuality, Sanctification, Atonement and others can be found at His latest commentary on Hebrews (Tyndale New Testament Commentaries) is currently in production and is expected to be out in 2020.

David is an ordained minister of the Anglican Church in Australia and has served in churches in the dioceses of Sydney, Chester and London.

University of London (B.Div.), University of Sydney (M.A.), University of Manchester (PhD).

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Ministry blogs

Joy Gan

Head of Women Ministry

Joy Gan

Jerome Leng

CMA Jun 2010-13;
Seminarian, SBTS 2014-19

Jerome Leng

Daniel Lu

CMA Jun 2011-15;
Seminarian, Trinity Theo. College, Perth 2016-18

Daniel Lu

Elder Mark Leong

CMA May 2013-15

Elder Mark Leong

Vanessa Ong

CMA Sep 2014-16;
Seminarian, MTC 2018-20

Vanessa Ong

Penny Lai

CMA Dec 2016-18

Penny Lai

Elden Pan

CMA 2017-19;
Seminarian, Westminster Theological Seminary 2021-2024

Elden Pan

Jay Lyn

CMA 2018-20

Jay Lyn

David Kuok

CMA 2019-21

David Kuok

Christine Chong

CMA 2020-22

Christine Chong

Winnie Lai

CMA 2020-22

Winnie Lai

Wei Kin

CMA 2020-22

Wei Kin

Ruth Voon

CMA 2021-2023

Ruth Voon

Info for supporters

Please feel free to contact our Head of Fundraising, Joshua Tay, at +6017 336 5588/ if you have any questions on how you can support us in the gospel work that CERC has been doing for the past 16 years.