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More than just emotions

Desiring a heart that delights God

5 MARCH 2021 | FRI 7.30 PM
6 MARCH 2021 | SAT 9.30 AM

WEW will be conducted virtually this year.

Women Encouraging Women 2021: More Than Just Emotions features an exploration of emotions and how they can be God-glorifying! Why did God give us emotions? Is there such a thing as godly and ungodly emotions? Why do we experience strong feelings we struggle to understand, and how do we regulate them? Join us as we learn about having a heart with God-glorifying emotions. Start by tuning in for a foundational talk on Friday evening, followed by an exciting day of electives and a second talk on Saturday -- all virtual and exclusively for women only.

Women Encouraging Women (WEW) has always had, at its heartbeat, a desire for women whatever their age, background and current situation, to fear the Lord as we apply the truth of God’s wisdom to every aspect of our lives, including families, church and workplaces.

“Life is about God. What about our emotions?”

“True feelings are God's feelings”

“Deciding to be Christian when emoting”


Day 1
“Know God, Know Your Emotions”

by Christine Chong

Day 2
“Being More Than Just Emotions”

by Vanessa Ong


  • Labouring with Hope
    Let's be real, pregnancy & childbirth are not for the faint-hearted. But you’ve also heard that God's grace is sufficient for all situations and persons. Can't wrap your head around reconciling both of these things? Come, let us guide you through this elective that concerns all you females out there! On the other hand, you might have questions about difficult topics like infertility, unplanned pregnancy, disability and sickness in children, and death in infancy; these are things that we’ll address in this elective too.
  • Loves Me, Loves Me Not?
    We know, “it’s complicated”. Couple relationships are tough, and Christian relationships can be even tougher. Add emotions to the mix, and BOOM, the perfect storm! Not to mention what it's like during that “time of the month”'! This elective will help you see and understand God's design for women, and how the fall affects our emotions, particularly once Cupid's arrow strikes. Essentially, learn to understand yourself better as a Christian woman with complex emotions and thus, be able to navigate through the stages of considering, almost-dating, finally dating, and about-to-be-married. It's complicated, we know, but this might just help!
  • Embracing Family Drama
    “You need to prioritize your family over God!” “You love God more than you love me?!” “You're useless!” Hurtful words from your loved ones, family quarrels, parental expectations... Basically, FAMILY DRAMA. In this fallen world, we all experience it and know it can be emotionally draining, whether big or small... As Christians, how should we embrace family drama? Come and find out!
  • Serving the Church with Dutiful Delight
    “The question, then, is not whether experience matters – because it does. The question is, how does experience matter? Does personal experience serve as a form of truth? Can you trust your feelings? We become proficient at what we practice. This is true of obedience and for sin." - Rosaria Butterfield. Scripture tells us that Christians are united with Christ. This means that we are also simultaneously united with other sinners who have been saved by Christ’s work. If you are wondering how you can continue to delight in God and His purpose for you whilst serving alongside other sinners in church, this elective is for you. Let us speak realistically about God's calling for your life. Let us discuss what you as a believer can do to overcome the challenges you face in your call to service within the church.
  • GOD-glorifying Sex?
    Emotions and sex are complicated! And yet, both were created by God for His purposes and pleasure. As Christian women, single or married, how do we glorify God and serve Him with our emotions and with sex? What is sex all about, and how do we navigate the emotions that come with or without it?
  • Work for the Glory of God
    "Sigh, my boss needs me to do this." "Ugh, another day of work." "Work is FINALLY over! Time to turn off my work phone!" These are common phrases working adults say. Is this how you feel about work too? Yet, Paul says we are to be always abounding in the work of the Lord, knowing that in the Lord our labor is NOT in vain! Do you find it tough to see this as your daily reality at work? Join us!
  • Persecution: Is this true blessing?
    In a world that sits in darkness, where our Lord Jesus Christ is not welcomed, it's no wonder Christians get persecuted for being… Christian. From first century Christians who were considered outlaws for refusing to worship the Roman Gods, and therefore burnt or eaten alive by beasts; to modern day persecution – be it young Christians being disowned by their families for following Christ, being ostracized by your friends, or missing a promotion because you stood up for your Christian Ethics... Does it always have to be like this? Is it really "normal" for Christians to be persecuted? What about the things people say about how Christians live in faith, hope and love? What about the steadfast love of our Father in Heaven? Will He not keep us from danger? Will He not protect us from persecution? What sort of clarity is there to keep our eyes fixed on Jesus throughout our lives even when the whole world is against us, making us feel like our very existence is pain? If you're suffering for the sake of Christ, whatever it may be and asking yourself "why do bad things happen to Christians?", this is your elective. Join us to see why a rooted Christian doesn't run away from persecution, but rather takes a deep breath and embraces it. "Now I begin to be a disciple... Let fire and cross, flocks of beasts, broken bones, dismemberment... come upon me, so long as I attain to Jesus Christ." - Ignatius of Antioch
  • Biblical Friendship Forever! (BFF)
    True friends have a deep and mutual affection for one another. Are our emotional attachments in friendships a bad thing? What about being committed to your friend’s happiness and expecting reciprocal love in return – is that ok? How can we have true friendships that last? Come and learn what God says about friendships and emotions, and most of all how we can have relationships that please Him!
  • Raising Kids for all His Worth
    Kids can bring out the best and the ‘worst’ in us. Raising children can sometimes be an emotional rollercoaster, with things changing as they age and depending on what they’re going through, what kind of day we’ve had, and how much we’re ‘in control’ of the situation. How might we as Christian parents love our kids the way God wants us to, whilst managing the ‘crazy’ and difficult times? How can we keep our emotions in check but more importantly teach and train our children rightly? We hope you will benefit greatly from this elective, as we learn from God’s Word how we might raise our children in a God-glorifying way!
  • When Being Single Just Feels HARD?
    Popular belief: Single people experience more than their share of sadness, depression, and loneliness, while people with romantic partners, especially married people, enjoy a full measure of happiness. What does the Bible say about this? Just *cricket sounds*? Think again. Here in this elective, we aim to evaluate the emotional life of a single person, and share some practical tips on how to manage it towards using emotions and singleness for God's glory!
  • How long O Lord??
    It is painful to feel. Painful emotions are often the reason we wish we could get rid of emotions altogether. To feel sad saddens. To feel hurt hurts. To feel shame shames. To feel any loss only intensifies sorrow. Is there any purpose in feeling pain? This elective seeks to help us to understand the place of emotions in enduring pain and suffering in God’s good world. We will share practical tips on how to manage these emotions too.
  • Help, I'm Hooked!
    The Bible doesn't contain the word "addiction". So how should Christians understand addictions? Is getting over an addiction just a matter of mind over matter? What help is there for those stuck in the cycle of addiction? Come find out what hope God's Word offers and how we can live lives free from addiction.

Frequently asked questions

  • Who is WEW for?

    WEW is for women of all ages who wish to understand how the Gospel reality revealed through the Bible should affect their daily lives, and how they can be faithful Christian women. It doesn’t matter if you’re a secondary school student or a mother of three; married or single; Malaysian or not — WEW is for you!

  • Why should I join WEW?
    • Discover your true worth and identity as a woman
    • Two days of a carefully planned virtual event to serve you and ladies in Malaysia
    • Get to know new people who have various life experiences and could be facing similar struggles as you
    • Gain meaningful and deep takeaways that will help you create real change in your life
    • Ground your emotions in theology and deal with them in a God-glorifying way
  • I have questions about WEW. Who should I ask?
    Feel free to message or call us. You can also follow us on or IG for the latest updates!
  • Who are the speakers for the talks?

    Day 1 Speaker: Christine Chong
    Christine hails from Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. She completed her Bachelor's degree in Corporate Administration at Tunku Abdul Rahman University College (TARUC), where she was awarded the MAICSA and TARUC scholarships. Upon graduation, she worked in Great Eastern as a management trainee, and eventually settled down in Agency Recruitment, where she handled projects from their ideation to execution. She has been a member of CERC since 2018 and holds the position of Head of Department for Tidiness & Housekeeping. She is currently a Church Ministers’ Apprentice and serves as the Growth Group Leader of TGG Mahsa and TGG Northeast.

    Day 2 Speaker: Vanessa Ong
    Vanessa was one of our Church Ministers’ Apprentices. She is now studying for her Bachelor of Divinity in Moore Theological College, Sydney. Her first degree was a Bachelor of Science (Psychology). Her favourite pastimes include sitting and reading at the chup fun shop near CERC Central and waiting for random people to join her.

  • How do I pay for the event?

    You may make payment via bank transfer.
    Bank: RHB Bank
    Bank holder: CERC Trust
    Bank Account: 2-14062-0010148-8

    Please email us the bank slip after you've made your payment at events@cerc.com.my

  • Where will the payment go to?

    Your RM20 will go a long way towards supporting the work of running the event. This ensures that you get quality content via the workshops and talks by women who put all their heart, soul and mind into your electives and contribute their labour for WEW. Participants will also receive a special gift*, delivered to your doorstep!

    *Limited to signups within West Malaysia.

  • Will the event be recorded?

    No, the event will not be recorded, but all session materials will be yours to keep.

Event flow

5 March 2021 (Friday)

07.30pm – 09.30pm Songs | Talk 1

6 March 2021 (Saturday)

9.30am – 10.30am Songs | Announcements
10.45am – 12.00pm Elective 1
12.00pm – 01.30pm Lunch
01.45pm – 03.00pm Elective 2
03.15pm – 05.30pm Talk 2 | Q&A session

Hear from ladies who have enjoyed WEW in the past years!

“God has made women very special in His own image. Yet, in our struggles, failures and disappointments in life, we often forget the special place we have in God's heart. The "Women Encouraging Women" event is a wonderful time of fellowship where we can learn the true meaning of life in God's creation.”

- Nancy Kuok

“I learnt a lot about God’s good design for women, what is true womanhood as designed by my sovereign creator, and had a renewed view of myself. I appreciate the beautiful truth of womanhood, interesting hot topics and practical application for my life. I am encouraged and I truly recommend WEW to all ladies!”

- Caren Liew

“It was a great experience for me even though I'm a Christian mum for 30+ years. It helped me to reflect how to become a better Christ-like mum and wife.”

- Elena Lo

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