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Messages from friends of CERC

Greetings from Cape Town, South Africa

CERC will always be a fond memory in my heart of a wonderful and memorable time spent in Malaysia whilst visiting with my daughter for a 3-month period. I was attending the mums GG on a Friday evening and the welcome I received from you ladies was just so warm and inviting.

I commend leadership for the wonderful work they are doing in getting the gospel out and teaching believers in the manner in which we have to conduct ourselves as children of God Almighty. I have also been amazed at your generosity in providing meals and lifting – of which I have been a beneficiary (lifting esp.) inspite of financial challenges. This is truly a church who is inspired to carry out gospel living no matter what. Definitely a church I would not hesitate to be a member of, as I could only grow from strength to strength.

May our Lords grace and mercy be so evident toward you all and may He continue to complete what He has begun in you.

Missing you all so much, Desiree, 30 Aug 2017

Was great to find a church that placed an emphasis on the heritage of the reformers and I could see how your pastor puts such a great emphasis on training up new leaders. The format of church was different from what I'm used to ie having a discussion at the start and having hand outs is not usual so it's cool that you guys are thinking about how best to teach people. Praying that God continues to use this church.

I was visiting from London but hoping my parents will join CERC.

Daniel Tan, 05 Mar 2017

Hi CERC! Looking forward to join you all in the month of July onwards when I'm in KL for my further studies. I'm excited to be around a bunch of passionate people radically living their lives out for the Gospel - wholeheartedly! (Daniel Wong and Yun Jie ministering to me while I'm here in KK). I've also signed up for TTC: Grace & Assurance, so see you all soon!

In Christ, Winson Chong, 13 Jun 2014

Hey Guys! I´m really excited that I am able to visit you guys again I am going to arrive on the 13th and leave on the 23rd june I have not really planned anything for this time yet, but really what I want to do is hang out with you guys, hear what you´ve been doing and tell you guys what god has been doing in my life since I saw you last year... Can I maybe stay at one of your places? You can just comment or message me See you soon!

Christoph Hengesbach, 09 Jun 2014

When I step foot on that mere dusty old cemented stairs and floor into an open door, I realised how much I've missed my church & my own family of God.

From the very first person I saw till the very last before I left, Penny Lai, Daniel Lu, Emma Lee Yi Fang, Aunty Lucy Leng, Vanessa Ong, Lillien Siew, Carmen Liew, Xin Yi, David Kuok, Jeremy Leng, Mark Leong, Pastor Robin Gan, Joy Gan, Jerome Leng (Please do forgive me if I ever missed you out)

I feel very blessed to have celebrated with y'all whom He had chosen to die for on the day remembrance of His death. I'm humbled to be in awe of His glorious plan and hope, for only we could truly understand the meaning of it, the meaning of being us in His name and living out each day for Him.

Forgive me for being a lil wayy too fuzzy, I'm just depraved and homesick (no, you haven't heard any of it wrong, home = church, church = home).

So yeah, I'm proud to boast that in the name of Jesus. To Him be the glory. Let us embrace another year of Easter with no less of a burning fire of passion for Him, for He had won the battle that He could have chosen not to start off with. Us being the foolish ones. He the King of all kings. Hail Jesus, hail! He has risen victoriously to give believers, wretch like us new life, forgiveness, and eternal days with Him. Amen.

Choey Ling, 21 Apr 2014

A colleague and I from the U.S. were visiting Malaysia on business and attended the Northwest service on April 6 - what a blessing! We thoroughly enjoyed the worship and doctrinally-rich, reformed teaching. My heart was so at home there! What a great message from Romans to consider - "The Righteousness of God"! Thank you Jerome for the wonderful and clear teaching. Thanks also to everyone for your hospitality and those that took us to lunch - we so enjoyed the fellowship. God's richest blessings to you as you faithfully proclaim the gospel of Christ in the fullness of biblical truth!

Terry Tyler, 17 Apr 2014

I had a great time at camp. Thank you CERC.

Yours sincerely,
Truly gritted.

Nicky Lim, 16 Oct 2013

Deeply encouraged by today's sermon on Acts 16.6-40. Learnt about how sovereign God is, but many truth which is to keep focus on this God-honouring, Christ-centered, Gospel growth plan. Because of all our freedom in Christ, we use our life, not for the evil but for good. And because we are free, that's why sometimes we are restrain from doing something that stumble others (1 Cor 8), sometimes we need to voice out for the reputation of the Gospel and the church. All of these are deeds of love flow from the faith in the gospel of Jesus Christ and His lordship.

Yvonne Liew, 29 Sep 2013

Hi! My name is Derek from Anderson, Indiana. I hope you won't mind me posting this but I just had to say that after checking out your site that I am VERY impressed! I feel that the Lord is doing a mighty work among you. The zeal for Him and his Word is evident and it gladdens my heart to see this among my brothers and sisters in the Lord. Though we are a world apart know that my prayers are with you. Remember the solas. God bless you and keep you.

Derek Hall, 15 Sep 2013

To be Honest It hurts inside and my soul is crying everyday. This feeling in me, The hunger for God and the church. looking at all the pictures I Think to my self 'How I wish I was there' as all I know is that I Miss You guys so much.

Brandon Choo, 31 Aug 2013

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

Never forget, why you wake up each morning. Never forget, why you get yourself early to work/uni. Never forget, why you dress nicely, smile, and be polite to your colleagues/friends. Never forget, why you are kind to people. Never forget, why you push yourself each day to work harder. Never forget, the God who loves you. Never forget, the God who died for you. Never forget, to bring all glory to Him.

Joseph Tan, 08 Apr 2013

Just wanted to say I really enjoyed the women's growth group last night. I think I haven't been to a Bible Study with so much fun and laughter before! Joy -- I really liked the way you led the group and asked us those probing questions that made us think! God bless CERC!!

Mei Yin, 07 Feb 2013

Dear CERC,

Greetings from Australia - and happy Foundation Day! We are continuing in prayer for all of you. Keep rejoicing in God's goodness. Keep resting in the grace that is in his Son. Keep growing in your love and knowledge of Him. Keep looking forward to the glory that will be revealed on the last day. And by his Holy Spirit, keep loving and forgiving one another and all of God's people.

Love from Lionel, Bronwyn and the kids, 26 Aug 2012

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

May the peace of our Lord Jesus be with you always. To see from the pictures, the love and dedication you have for others, the hard work and preparation you put in to prepare the food, people from all races and religions coming to learn about God – it is all truly astounding. Truly, there is no Greek or Jew who is excluded from the love of Christ, and the love of Christ is manifest in your hospitality for them. I encourage you, dear brothers and sisters, to keep on going as you have been going:
To the musicians who glorify our God, keep on playing for His glory,
To the cooks who glorify our God, keep on cooking for His glory,
To the administrators who glorify our God, keep on administrating for His glory,
To the members who glorify our God, keep on loving as Christ loved us for His glory,
And finally to the shepherd who leads the church, keep on preaching His word faithfully for His glory.

Do not be discouraged, if the numbers of those who come to seek God, dwindle over time. But be encouraged by those who stay, for it is the words of God that is speaking to their hearts, not the words of men.

I am sorry for writing this so late, long after you’ve started the Introducing God series, as I have had struggles myself during these past few weeks. But through it all, I always cling on to my one and only hope, our Lord Jesus, and look towards his Resurrection. I urge you all, dear brothers and sisters, when the times are dark, when the outlook is bleak, when the spirit is low, and when sin is crouching at your door, remember the love of our Lord Jesus, and His pain on the cross, and the promises He made. So in the end, when He comes again in glory in the clouds with fire, He will say, "Well done, good and faithful servant. Enter into the joy of your master".

In Christ, With love, Joseph Tan, 22 Jun 2012

Keeping you guys in prayer, may the Lord bless the work that you're doing.

Angela W. Kahiga, 07 Jun 2012

Thank you all for your warm welcome yesterday. I thoroughly enjoyed the worship--warm laughter, beauty of Christ expressed in song and both spiritual and physical food. I praise God for your wonderful shepherd/pastor and joyful sheep delighting in green pastures. May the Holy Spirit empower and build up CERC through the workings of grace for His glory.

Timothy Hoyoung Lee, 19 Mar 2012

Hello! We have heard from Facebook that there is a new place for your church gathering. We pray that God continues to work through you, proclaiming the gospel faithfully and equipping many many people to live for Christ. Add oil. Take care. We are hearing Robin's sermon on Holy Spirit right now. Alan's first impression was that around the world only Robin will do 'H.Catechism' during sermon time. Amazing!!!

Alan & Jean Lai, 18 Oct 2011

Dear Robin and Joy and all at CERC, CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR THIRD ANNIVERSARY. We wish we could be there to celebrate with you on 28 August. We will be thinking of you and praying for you.

1 Cor. 15:58 - Therefore, my dear brothers and sisters, stand firm. Let nothing move you. Always give yourselves fully to the work of the Lord, because you know that your labor in the Lord is not in vain.

Your partners in the gospel,

Barry and Alison Webb, 26 Aug 2011