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Look See Look See

Take a peek at what Christianity is about!

ask those awkward questions,
cut past the jargon,
...come look see look see!

Yup, here's your chance to take a sneak peek at Christianity through real,
casual conversations with the Bible;
and maybe even make a new friend or two!

so, what IS Look See Look See


  • Look See Look See (LSLS) is where you can discover more about Christianity through weekly small group sessions led by a guide.
  • Feel free to ask questions, share thoughts, and have conversations about God and the Bible!


  • Trains are short weekly sessions done in small groups where you and other curious friends can find out more about Christianity.
  • Trains are available for all ages, in English or Mandarin.

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Each LSLS Train is led by a friendly guide, who will be taking you through a series of questions to help you explore Christianity. Feel free to engage with them and ask away!

What are you waiting for?
Come and Look See Look See!

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