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Why Did Jesus Die: Reflections from A Christ-Centered, God-Glorifying, God’s-Story Perspective

Good Friday is approaching, and all Christians around the world will be celebrating this event again! As a way of commemorating Christ’s death for us, let me take this opportunity to share my recent reflections on why Christ came to die for us, especially from a big picture, God’s story

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Posted on 8 Apr 2020

Approaching Chinese New Year with reflections from Matthew

Brace yourselves… Chinese New Year, or CNY for short, is coming soon! I’m not sure how you feel about CNY, but for me, it’s a holiday I look forward to every year because of what it means for me: family, friends, angpaos (red envelopes/packets or 红包 hongbao) and mostly… family

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Posted on 24 Jan 2020

Home Sweet Home but Bye Bye Van

1. Thank you Australia   It’s been a good 2 years spent in Perth and I can’t thank God enough for the friends I’ve made there and the growth I’ve had from the sharing of our lives together over there. Here’s what I’ve enjoyed about Perth: Learning how different Australian

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Posted on 9 Feb 2019

A Week Off in Sydney (With Van!)

It’s my sem break now and I thought it would be a good chance to visit my fellow CMA-er (Church Ministers’ Apprenticeship) who’s now studying in Moore Theological College. It’s been a long-time desire of mine to visit Moore College, to actually see for myself the wealth of resources they

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Posted on 2 Aug 2018

Ministry updates (after a long while!)

Dear friends and supporters, It’s been awhile since my last post, so here’s an update on how I’m doing and how the ministry is progressing. Fellow Workers’ Conference 2014 Earlier this year, I ran Fellow Workers’ Conference on the topic “The Gospel, the Reformation and the Reformed”. 118 participants, mostly

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Posted on 10 Apr 2014

Can We Ever Know God and What He’s Really Saying?

I had a long conversation with a friend recently on the difficulties of reading the bible. These frustrations were vented: “Surely God wouldn’t make it too hard for people to understand him.” “I’ve tried reading the bible over and over again, but I still don’t get it.” “People keep advising

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Posted on 20 Sep 2013

MTS Responsibilities at CERC

It’s been a year since I was inducted into the ministry training strategy (MTS) program in CERC. My view of life has changed drastically since then. The Sovereign Loving God It was the doctrines of sin and salvation that first shocked me when I realized how absolute the sovereignty of

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Posted on 7 Jun 2012

Christmas is not about giving, it’s about getting

A family reunion, a spangled Christmas tree, gifts of all sizes and a warm, satisfying family dinner were always what made my previous Christmases delightful. Sadly, I will miss Christmas with family this year. Christmas is always an occasion for reunion for the relatives, even more so for those living

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Posted on 22 Dec 2011

Trusting God = Giving up

Dear supporters and friends, I am really glad that you are reading this blog as what I am sharing with you comes from my heart and reflects how things are going in CERC, from my side. It has been more than a month since I was formally inducted as Pastor

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Posted on 17 Aug 2011