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Being Christian Means Being Committed To The Gospel

To be honest, the idea of “being Reformed” still seems foreign to me even though I’ve been in a reformed church for about three years — reformed theology is so rich, and I have only scratched the surface. However, being in a church that firmly upholds reformed teachings has taught

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Posted on 3 Nov 2020

The Gospel Necessity of Speaking The Truth in Love

This article is part of a 2 part series on speaking the truth in love. May Ling also shared her testimonial as someone who struggles to speak the truth in love. “The truth of the gospel is true love, and speaking the truth in love is really about speaking God’s

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Posted on 30 Oct 2020

To The Person Who Struggles With Speaking The Truth in Love

There’s a God-oriented goal to this speaking truth in love. It’s not about speaking truth just for the sake of it, or because it’s a good virtue to have. Speaking the truth in love is really about speaking God’s truths to each other so that we mature as the people

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Posted on 30 Oct 2020

The Reformation is about churching without compromise

  The Reformation through the lens of history & Sola Scriptura When I think about the Reformation, I always think about it in the context of history. I personally have a deep sense of appreciation for history and love reading history, while knowing that it can be distorted by people

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Posted on 26 Oct 2020

An encouragement to do children’s ministry with love

(This article was originally written for and published in Moore College’s publication Societas) I focused on every other ministry but children’s ministry in my entire first year of ministry apprenticeship with my home church in Malaysia. I was formally assigned to taking care of the ministry but effectively neglected to

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Posted on 15 Oct 2020

To Build a Home – 12 Years of God’s Faithfulness

An interview with CERC’s Founding Elder, Elder Robin Gan Have you ever yearned for a home? A place where you belong, are nurtured, discipled, and loved. CERC’s story, too, began with the search for a home — where good Bible preaching would thrive, fueled by a deep yearning for a

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Posted on 8 Oct 2020

The Demands of Preaching

I’ve never done so much preaching in my life. By the end of August, I’ve preached through Genesis, Deuteronomy, 1-2 Kings, and Jeremiah. In the months to come, I’ll be covering Daniel, Ezra-Nehemiah, and Chronicles. If you noticed, my preaching assignments include the Pentateuch, the historical narratives, a big prophetic

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Posted on 5 Oct 2020

High School Sweethearts, not. #CERCWeddings

High school sweethearts. Best friends. Camaraderie. These are what we are known as to most people. Before we continue with this, let us just give you a picture of how we met in a third person’s voice: They met when they were teens. She was 16, and he was 17.

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Posted on 3 Oct 2020

Saved to Serve: Sundays In The New Normal

CERC Foundation Day Celebration Did you know there are around 36 ministry departments in CERC? From the cleaning team to the music ministry, we believe we are all saved to serve!  A lot of work goes on behind the scenes unnoticed, but these are no less important to our collective

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Posted on 1 Oct 2020