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Psalms 107-150: Come, Lord Jesus

Sunday, 8 November 2020 // God's Story: Old Testament


"God, where are you?"

"Won't you save us if we cry out to you? Where were you when your enemies got away with evil? Was it your will for us to drown in their abusive words? Why did you not answer when we were on our knees, begging you to save us?”

Book 3 presents us with an exiled people lamenting and crying out to the God that put them there. How can they praise God in the midst of a hopeless situation? How can they look forward to a Saviour when He feels so distant?

Yet, the Psalmists still hoped in God even in the midst of suffering. They trusted in God's steadfast love even when love was hard to see. Would we have done the same if we were Israel?

This sermon was preached by our Church Ministers' Apprentice, Joel Lo, as part of our our sermon series on biblical theology, "God's Story".


Joel Lo

Passage references

Psalm 110


Jesus Messiah; Hallelujah to the King of Kings


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