The unofficial guide to things you might hear on Sundays | Christ Evangelical Reformed Church (CERC)

The unofficial guide to things you might hear on Sundays

  • CKLL

    Chi kei lo lei. A Cantonese expression meaning you brought it upon yourself.

  • FTPM

    Full-time paid ministry.

  • KDB

    Knowing the will of the Lord. Doing the will of the Lord. Being like the Lord.

  • CMA

    Church Ministers' Apprentice. A church apprenticeship with a view to FTPM.

  • Dim gai?!

    A Cantonese expression without a direct English translation. Roughly equivalent to shouting 'WHY?!?!' at heaven in the face of extreme grief or anguish.

  • GG

    Growth Group. A small group that meets during the week to study the Bible together.

  • Siapa makan cili, dia rasa pedas

    A Malay idiom meaning literally 'he who eats chilli feels the spiciness'.

  • Saranghae

    Korean for 'I love you'.

  • GGLT

    Growth Group Leaders' Training.

  • SoCM

    School of Christian Ministry.

  • Chincha?!

    Korean for 'really?' (said with sarcasm or incredulity).

  • MTE

    Meet the Elder. A meeting for church members to meet the Elder.

  • LP

    Little People. CERC's evangelistic outreach to children and their parents.

  • Not you Shing!

    Commonly heard during Q&A after the sermon. Said with the intention of allowing other people to ask questions.

  • Okay... Shing?

    During Q&A when 'Not you Shing!' and 'Anyone other than Shing?' have been used to no avail.

  • GGF

    Gospel Growth Fellowship. A local partnership of evangelicals working to grow evangelicalism in the Klang Valley.

  • TTC

    Thinking Theologically Conference. A GGF conference on learning to think theologically.

  • CTC

    Creation to Consummation. A GGF conference on Biblical Theology.

  • Joel, just one question

    An instruction given during Q&A before Joel begins a 5 minute explanation of his question.

  • It's eschatological!

    Indicating that the concept being discussed should be thought of in light of Biblical Theology, the second coming of Christ and the final end of history.

  • SL

    Shoplot. The building the church gathers in on Sunday and works in during the week.

  • SL2

    Shoplot 2. The second shoplot that CERC has been in.

  • The Apprentice will do it

    Commonly heard when none of the other members can/will do it.

  • Where's Penny... we can make a tshirt out of that

    Heard during sermons when Pastor Robin has a good idea for a tshirt design.

  • WWSC

    White Water Summer Camp. An outdoors camp for youth aged 12-17 that CERC recommends.

  • Trajectory

    The progression of an argument.

  • See how the imperative flows from the indicative

    Take note of how the instruction to do is preceded by the declaration of who you are.

  • My kids are scary!

    Pastor Robin referring to how his children ask good but scary (for their age) theological questions.

  • Malacca boy

    Pastor Robin referring to his background.

  • If you missed last week's sermon, go listen to it online

    Said to encourage people who have joined in the middle of a sermon series to catch up on what they have missed by listening to the audio on the CERC website.

  • Liturgy

    The words and order of a meeting

  • Ontological

    Relating to the nature of a thing

  • Christological

    Pertaining to the nature, person and work of Christ

  • BT

    An abbreviation for Biblical Theology which is the study of how God has revealed himself progressively from creation to consummation, where his revelation of himself and his purposes (fulfilled in Christ) is one big story from Genesis to Revelation.

  • Exegesis

    Interpretation of a text, especially of Scripture.

  • Ecclesiology

    The study of the topic of church.

  • The right wrong response

    The right wrong response should be distinguished from simply misunderstanding a doctrine or truth. The opposite of a right wrong response in our post-modern world is to not have a response.

  • Anyone other than Shing?

    Occasionally heard during Q&A after 'Not you Shing!' when no one else raises a hand.

  • Anthropology

    In the context of Christian theology, Christian anthropology is the study of the human (anthropos) as it related to God.

  • Soproprikivantjupherd

    Son Prophet Priest King Servant Judge Shepherd

  • DD

    Dai da, a cantonese expression meaning deserve to get whacked

  • DLS

    Dai lei sei, a Cantonese expression meaning deserve the consequences