Jeremiah: Looking Back, Looking Forward - A New Covenant (Part 1) | Christ Evangelical Reformed Church (CERC)

Jeremiah: Looking Back, Looking Forward - A New Covenant (Part 1)

Sunday, 9 August 2020 // God's Story: Old Testament


From Egypt, to the wilderness, to the conquest of Canaan, to the reigns of David and Solomon – God was with Israel all of these days!

But Israel whored themselves to other gods.

Their priests did not know God. Their prophets prophesied by Baal. Their kings did what was evil in the sight of God.

Israel was unfaithful.

Jeremiah looks at Israel's covenant unfaithfulness and proclaims God's unavoidable judgment upon them. The israelites are called to walk into the hands of God's judgment and yet find hope, find salvation.......through judgment.

This sermon was preached by our pastor-in-training, Jerome Leng, as part of our sermon series on biblical theology, "God's Story".


Passage references

Jeremiah 7:1—8:3


Let Your Kingdom Come; Shine into Our Night



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