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Genesis: The story of Jacob and Joseph

Sunday, 23 February 2020 // God's Story: Old Testament


What gives you hope? If you are thrust into a seemingly hopeless situation, can you still hold onto that hope? On what basis can you hope against hope?

Imagine this:

You're Jacob. You just made peace with your uncle, but your brother – whom you’ve cheated – and his 400 men are heading towards you and your family, possibly after your life. And now, a mysterious man appears and wrestles you from night until daybreak. You're afraid.

What would you do?

Now you're Joseph. Your brothers sold you as a slave. Your master’s wife falsely accused you of rape and slandered your name. And now, you're imprisoned in the greatest empire in the world.

What would you do?

Your life seems hopeless. But God had promised your forefathers to make you and your family into His great nation. How?

Join us as we explore the Biblical theme of hope shown through The Story of Jacob and Joseph!


Passage references

Genesis 49:1-33; Acts 6:8-7:60


Our Song From Age To Age; It's Your Grace; Our God


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