Genesis: Sin, the serpent's strikes and evil | Christ Evangelical Reformed Church (CERC)

Genesis: Sin, the serpent's strikes and evil

Sunday, 2 February 2020 // God's Story: Old Testament


"Why is there suffering and evil in this world?

The world recently mourned the unexpected passing away of basketball legend Kobe Bryant, Australia was combating one of their worst bushfires in history, and COVID-19 was just starting to breakout outside of China.

These events, one after another, reminds us that this world is corrupted by sin. One has to wonder, was this always part of God's plan? God allows evil, but for how long?"

This sermon was preached by our pastor-in-training, Jerome Leng, as part of our sermon series on biblical theology, "God's Story".


Passage references

Genesis 3; Revelation 12


Our Only Hope Is You; Calling All Sinners; God the Uncreated One



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