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Genesis: Exile from Eden, New Creation and Covenant, Abram

Sunday, 16 February 2020 // God's Story: Old Testament


Can we ever be good enough?

Everyday, we see grief and desolation caused by fellow human beings in the news every day. Sometimes, we can’t help but wonder: can humanity as a whole ever be good enough?

Humanity's will has been placed under the bondage of sin ever since The Fall. And since sin is a rejection of God at our heart of hearts, it seems no amount of good from us is ever going to be enough to make us good in God’s sight. We are, quite frankly, screwed.


But God did not leave us to our own demise.

In Genesis 3, even as God pronounced the rightful judgment on Adam and Eve for their sins, He also left them (and mankind) with a thread of hope – the promise that Eve’s offspring will crush the serpent's.

Many years later, God demonstrated His faithfulness to His promise when He appeared to a descendant of Adam and Eve, Abram, and made a covenant with him – a covenant now inherited by Christians, and the foundation of our shared hope to this day.

We will never be good enough through our own power, but God has made it possible through His.

So come discover this hope that all people of God now share through the man called Abram!


Passage references

Gen 22:1-19; Matthew 1


Across the Lands; Have Mercy on Me; Song of Grace; All Creatures of Our God and King


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