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Jonathan Leeman

The Corporate Component of Conversion

If your doctrine of conversion is missing the corporate element, it's missing an essential piece of the whole. A covenant head comes with a covenant people.

Michael McKinley

Six Ways to Give Your People False Assurance

As a pastor, I interact with a lot of people who struggle to have confidence in the authenticity of their conversion. To their mind, their sin clings closely and their failings are always at hand. Mos...

Chew Chern

The Ethics of Share Investment: Should a Christian Invest in the Share Market?

The emergence of capitalism in the 1700s sparked off a fierce debate which continues to this day. This debate was highly visible, with a dramatic polarising on the world stage. On the right were the f...

Barry Webb

Homosexuality in Scripture

The brief I have been given for this paper is to set homosexuality in the context of God's purposes for us as men and women. The source material I am to draw on is Scripture (the Old and New Testament...

Jonathan Edwards

God Glorified in Man's Dependence

God Glorified in Man's Dependence was Edwards' first published work. He originally delivered the sermon in Northampton in the fall of 1730; on July 8, 1731, he preached it to a meeting of clergy in Bo...

J.I. Packer

Introductory Essay to John Owen's The Death Of Death in the Death of Christ

The Death of Death in the Death of Christ is a polemical work, designed to show, among other things, that the doctrine of universal redemption is unscriptural and destructive of the gospel. There are...


The Five Solas Series

Thomas R. Schreiner et al.

Stop Dating the Church!: Fall in Love with the Family of God

Joshua Harris

The Courage to be Protestant

David F. Wells

Religious Affections

Jonathan Edwards

Church Membership: How the World Knows Who Represents Jesus

Jonathan Leeman

Church Discipline: How the Church Protects the Name of Jesus

Jonathan Leeman

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