Why not sup the Lord’s Supper? | Christ Evangelical Reformed Church (CERC)

Why not sup the Lord’s Supper?

Robin Gan

Imagine if you will that surfing the internet in Malaysia you come across a Christian website that documents a church’s ‘innovative’ attempts at having the Lord’s supper ‘the way the New Testament church did it’. As you look at the photographs of Malaysian Christians gathered around a reenacted Passover with bitter herbs, unleavened bread and a lamb roast, you feel, as an Asian, the inherent appeal in this approach. The gathering of Christian community around a meal, the continuity with God’s OT people, the sacrificial atoning death of Jesus, all these seem to flow naturally from these glossy images.

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For more than 20 years, Robin Gan has been ministering to students and adults from a wide variety of churches. His concern is for the gospel to grow churches in Malaysia through faithful ministry of the Word of God. He currently pastors CERC, a church that has raised many young leaders to be committed to Jesus' mission.