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Gospel Centrality: A Warning and a Recommendation

Bobby Jamieson

How do you move beyond the gospel without moving on from the gospel? On the other hand, if the gospel is so all-important, do we need to "move beyond" the gospel in any sense at all? Those are two of the questions which are raised by this increasingly audible gospel-centrality movement among evangelicals. Last week I looked at one possible objection to this movement. In this post I'll tackle these two questions. One yields a recommendation, the other a warning. First, I should say that I think evangelicals' apparently increasing focus on the gospel is a wonderful trend. These many voices are right to tell us that the gospel is central to sanctification, that the indicative grounds the imperative, and that we don't move beyond the gospel but deeper into the gospel. These are all deeply biblical arguments.

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Bobby Jamieson serves 9Marks as assistant editor and website manager. After graduating from the University of Southern California, Bobby was a pastoral intern at Capitol Hill Baptist Church in Washington, DC. He is currently an MDiv student at Southern Seminary, and he lives with his wife and daughter in Louisville, Kentucky.