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Prisca’s Journey to Church Ministry Apprenticeship (CMA)

Pious Proud Prisca at a younger age.. Growing up in a Christian family I had always been serious about Christianity, and I would spend hours on devotion and prayers. I still remember the day when I came across Romans 3v10-11 in my devotion (10 as it is written: “None is

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Posted on 22 Oct 2021

Growing Youth Ministry in a Pandemic: Getting to Know Our Youth Pastor-in-Training

Some of the youths with Pastor-in-Training, Jerome during one of the weekly physical meetings 2 years ago before the pandemic hit With the COVID-19 pandemic lasting for an indefinite period, the youth ministry at CERC has continued to meet faithfully each Saturday at 10AM to grow under God’s Word! Amidst

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Posted on 2 Oct 2021

Growing Children’s Ministry During a Pandemic: A Conversation with a Sunday School Teacher and Parent (New CERC Kids Instagram Account!)

During the pandemic, instead of our Children’s ministry shrinking in size, our Children’s ministry grew to accommodate more kids than before. We are thankful to God and thankful to the parents and teachers for their hard work and passion for the children. We love that they hold on to high

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Posted on 3 Jul 2021

My Journey to Apprenticeship

Hi everyone! I’m Ruth Voon and my hometown is Kuantan in Pahang. Back at Kuantan, people know me as Yan Wen (my Chinese name). I started using the name Ruth in university because it was a name given by a pastor back at my high school because it was easier

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Posted on 28 Mar 2021

Reflections on Attack on Titan

It was Chinese New Year, CNY for short, and I was back at my parent’s house. This year’s CNY was slightly different due to the uprising Covid-19 cases and the consequent Malaysian lockdown where our traditional house-hopping/visitation was no longer allowed in efforts to curb the virus. With that, there

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Posted on 22 Feb 2021

An encouragement to do children’s ministry with love

(This article was originally written for and published in Moore College’s publication Societas) I focused on every other ministry but children’s ministry in my entire first year of ministry apprenticeship with my home church in Malaysia. I was formally assigned to taking care of the ministry but effectively neglected to

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Posted on 15 Oct 2020

To Build a Home – 12 Years of God’s Faithfulness

An interview with CERC’s Founding Elder, Elder Robin Gan Have you ever yearned for a home? A place where you belong, are nurtured, discipled, and loved. CERC’s story, too, began with the search for a home — where good Bible preaching would thrive, fueled by a deep yearning for a

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Posted on 8 Oct 2020

The Demands of Preaching

I’ve never done so much preaching in my life. By the end of August, I’ve preached through Genesis, Deuteronomy, 1-2 Kings, and Jeremiah. In the months to come, I’ll be covering Daniel, Ezra-Nehemiah, and Chronicles. If you noticed, my preaching assignments include the Pentateuch, the historical narratives, a big prophetic

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Posted on 5 Oct 2020