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Reflecting on the Reformation featuring Zachary Liew

As I learn more about the Reformation over the years, I’ve become more and more convinced that at the heart of the Reformation, we see love. It’s not the kind of love we’re generally used to — a positive affection or sentiment, but a love for God that is working

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Posted on 19 Oct 2022

Humbled by the Eternal God, and driven to worship Him

“Holy, Holy, Holy! Merciful and mighty! God in 3 persons, blessed Trinity”. I’ve been singing this hymn ever since I came back from TTC 2022 (Thinking Theologically Conference) on “The Knowable God”! I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed immersing myself in the Scriptures along with 400 spiritually hungry participants,

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Posted on 28 Sep 2022

Saved by God, through God, for God. A Reflection by Chuan Khai

‘How can you live the Christian life if you think it’s about you?’ These words from the first sermon came to mind throughout the series and they still do even as it comes to an end. They cut deeply to the heart of someone who was aware of the evil of man-centered theology (a worldview which thinks God exists to please mankind) that was out there, yet was oblivious to the sin within his own heart that wanted to keep his Christian life comfortable and easy.

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Posted on 29 Jul 2022

#GetRealWithMe featuring Jeanelle Khaw

Hi! My name is Jeanelle, I am from Tertiary Growth Group (TGG) Original and here’s what I’ve been learning in the Christian Life series on Sundays and in TGG. In the earlier parts of the Christian Life series, I had a lot of assumptions about the doctrinal content that we

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Posted on 28 Jun 2022

The Importance of Learning English Grammar to Read Your Bible

As part of our Things to Know to Read the Bible Better (TTKTRTBB) programme, our adult groups are currently going through a series of studies on English grammar so they can read the Bible better… yes, you read that right! Folks in their 20s to 60s are learning the rules

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Posted on 30 Apr 2022

The truth about love in Hosea

The Hosea sermon series taught me that true love involves discipline, which means God’s judgment is essential for His people to repent. This was so hard for me to grasp in the book of Hosea, considering that the culture I’m in elevates tolerance and positivity, resulting in the conception of a god who never judges and is willing to live with people who don’t even truly love Him. But this is clearly not true from the book of Hosea, where God showed that He desires genuine worship from transformed lives and not mere outward religiosity (Hos 6:6).

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Posted on 14 Feb 2022

How CERC’s Ephesians Series Taught Me to Wear My Armour

Andrea DavidMums GG Going through the book of Ephesians has once again reminded me of God’s immense grace and mercy towards my life as I recall how He opened up my eyes and mind to notice and question things that mattered in His perspective. When I was a teenager, I

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Posted on 4 Oct 2021