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COVID Announcement from the Pastoral Care for the Sick (PCS) Team

18 Nov 2021

In October, the number of new daily COVID-19 cases had decreased from approximately 10,000 per day to 4,000-6,000 per day. With that, the government has also allowed churches to resume operations under the National Recovery Plan (NRP) on the condition that all attendees must be fully vaccinated and SOPs adhered to.

In CERC, the picture couldn’t be merrier as the PCS (Pastoral Care for the Sick) team reiterated safety precautions as well as introduced new HEPA filters to once again safely welcome guests back to the premises. For those entering the CERC building for Sunday gatherings, as per usual, a screening booth is available upon checking in. Facial masks are a must for all attendees – either a N95/KN95 or double masking with a cloth mask on top of a medical mask. In addition, hand sanitizing stations have been set up at multiple locations, physical distancing between seats are set at 1.5 meters apart, and ventilators installed with HEPA filters placed throughout the space where people will be seated. At the end of every gathering a cleaning team disinfects frequently touched surfaces.

CERC has certainly worked hard, and will continue working hard, to ensure everyone is meeting safely during the pandemic as the government slowly relaxes the restrictions further. As Dr. Eldwin (Head of the PCS team) assures visitors in the video above, “you can be sure that this will be a safe environment for you to comfortably listen to God’s word in church.”