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Rev Dr David Peterson reviews “More Calvinistic Than Calvin?”

12 May 2024

A review of the book “More Calvinistic Than Calvin? Hardline Reformed Theology & The Malaysian Church” authored by Hwa Yung, Lee Soo Tian, Lee Tat Yan and Lim Kar Yong. When Christians Differ When Christians differ over matters of biblical interpretation, doctrine, ethics, or pastoral issues, it is important that

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Woman For Man

22 Apr 2024

In March, CERC had its annual women’s event – Women Encouraging Women (WEW). This year’s topic, Women VS Men, involved understanding both sexes, how God designed man and woman, and how each has their unique complementarian role in serving the Lord. Thus, in line with this topic, it was the

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CERC goes to FWC 2024

9 Apr 2024

This past January, CERC returned once again to the bright rooftop ballroom of Hotel Excelsior in Ipoh to attend Fellow Workers’ Conference (FWC), an annual conference hosted by the Gospel Growth Fellowship to bring fellow workers of Christ from the Klang Valley together for 3 days to talk about this

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Little People 2024

7 Apr 2024

On Saturday, the 9th of March, Little People hit the stage in CERC once again. This time, there were no talking parrots, but an ark, child actors, and a dozen animals – 2 of its kind, male and female. In the audience, 84 pairs of little eyes fixed their gaze

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CNY at CERC 2024: Hope, Blessings and Family

6 Mar 2024

The hall was quieter than usual on this particular Sunday gathering – it was the second day of Chinese New Year (CNY). As such, many regulars from the CERC congregation had gone back to visit their respective families and hometowns during this season.  By God’s providence, CERC tackled the story

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What Happens When the Preacher is Sick?

20 Feb 2024

It was the day before the Sunday gathering on 22 January 2024 when the operations team received worrying news – Pastor Robin would not be able to preach the next day due to a severe throat infection. Despite the circumstances, the congregation was still able to be edified through the

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Adult Growth Groups Conclude 1-on-1 Discipleship Training with the New “Life for God” Series

7 Jan 2024

From May to November of 2023, Adult Growth Groups (GGs) have undergone training to be equipped for 1-on-1 personal discipleship ministry through the 1-on-1 School of Christian Ministry (SoCM) studies every Thursday evening. This SoCM aims for Christ-like maturity: seen in every member building one another up by speaking the

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Leaders’ Working and Planning Retreat 2023

21 Nov 2023

During the 2023 Deepavali holiday, the leaders of CERC went on Leaders’ Working and Planning Retreat (LWPR) at Cameron Highlands for the various ministries and departments to establish plans for the upcoming year. LWPR aims to grow and pastor the church thoughtfully and faithfully through ministries that are run in

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Love Jesus, Don’t Love Money

18 Nov 2023

On November 5th, Bolwin Su, a 34-year-old engineer and leader of Sentul Growth Group, took to the pulpit to deliver a sermon in the Wait… What? series entitled “♥ Jesus = don’t ♥ money”. He became the first lay preacher in 3 years to deliver a sermon. The series is

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Rev. Dr. Mark Thompson visits CERC

26 Oct 2023

On the 11th of October 2023, CERC had the pleasure of Rev. Dr. Mark Thompson, the Principal of Moore Theological College, visiting CERC Central. Dr Thompson was in the ‘neighborhood’ to speak at the annual Intervarsity Christian Week (ICW) 2023, on the topic of “Gospel, Bible, University Ministry”, which occurred

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CERC’s 15th Family Day

2 Oct 2023

On the 31st of August, CERC had our annual Family Day at Kelana Jaya Youth Park! Following on the heels of our church’s Foundation Day, this highly anticipated event added to the festivities of CERC’s birthday. Together, all members, candidates and regulars alike, spent the morning enjoying life together as

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CERC celebrates 15 years

24 Sep 2023

15 years ago, a little church in PJS7 was born in a house known fondly today as No. 26 – Pastor Robin and Joy’s home. Today, CERC occupies the corner lot of a row of shophouses, known as CERC Central. You can spot her red tower, black roof and window

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