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Love Jesus, Don’t Love Money

18 Nov 2023

On November 5th, Bolwin Su, a 34-year-old engineer and leader of Sentul Growth Group, took to the pulpit to deliver a sermon in the Wait… What? series entitled “♥ Jesus = don’t ♥ money”. He became the first lay preacher in 3 years to deliver a sermon. The series is dedicated to addressing controversial topics within the Christian community and challenging them on the teachings of Jesus.

His sermon had a distinct focus. Rather than expounding on Christian stewardship of finances or money management how-tos, he gave a talk on the nature of Christian discipleship. “Today’s topic isn’t about money. The real question is are you holding on to Jesus tightly. We need God’s help to love Him.” he said, encouraging the congregation to reflect on the state of their own Christian discipleship. 

Bolwin Su, delivering his sermon to the morning AM congregation. 

Among his chosen passages were Luke 18 on the rich young ruler. “Jesus told the young man to choose between Jesus and his money, between God and money he cannot have both. Why does Jesus give an ultimatum?… all his alms and tithes did nothing for him, he knew he didn’t have God, yet he didn’t follow Jesus. You say you want eternal life but only God can give eternal life. So who should you love?” he said.

Towards the end of his sermon, he challenged the congregation to reflect on their present loyalty and devotion to Jesus. “Brothers and sisters… we must reflect on whether we choose God above all else or treasure God above all else. As I have reflected on these things, I realise in my life, I say I love Jesus, but do I really love Him above all else, above my own comfort, security, career, my wife? I am just like you, there are things in life that I find very hard to give up. But it’s time to ask: Do you really love Jesus above all else?”

Bolwin sharing his reflections on his loyalty to Christ vs money on the pulpit.

When asked to comment on the performance of the lay preacher. CERC’s elder Robin Gan commended his preaching. “He had short notice… but the requirements for preaching that sermon were Bible-sized. It was his instinct for the gospel…a preacher cannot fake the basic paradigm that life is about Jesus. Either you’re a Christian up there talking or not at all. I only gave him minor bits of feedback”.

“Nothing pleases me more when the average man can display the holy spirit’s work as he just did,” Robin added.