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Rev. Dr. Mark Thompson visits CERC

26 Oct 2023

Rev. Dr. Mark Thompson, Vanessa Ong and Pr. Robin sharing a light moment at the entrance to CERC Central.

On the 11th of October 2023, CERC had the pleasure of Rev. Dr. Mark Thompson, the Principal of Moore Theological College, visiting CERC Central. Dr Thompson was in the ‘neighborhood’ to speak at the annual Intervarsity Christian Week (ICW) 2023, on the topic of “Gospel, Bible, University Ministry”, which occurred over 4 days and 2 universities in the Klang Valley.

Dr. Thompson was hosted by CERC’s Founding Elder, Pr. Robin Gan, and his family during his short 5-day visit. Despite the tight schedule, he spent much of his free time during the week enthusiastically meeting with various university leaders and some of the pastoral staff at CERC. 

On this particular afternoon, Dr Thompson took time out of his schedule to tour CERC Central’s premises, accompanied by Pr. Robin and Pastor-in-Training, Vanessa Ong, both of whom are alumni of Moore Theological College. 

Dr. Thompson listening to Pr. Robin speak about CERC’s kitchen, where many meals are prepared in-house for events such as CERC’s Geddit.
Dr. Thompson admiring the mural of the ‘Parable of the Four Soils’ in CERC’s Youth Room.
Dr. Thompson and Pr. Robin stopping to speak on the staircase to CERC’s main gathering hall, with a creative mural drawn specially for CERC’s Geddit series on the wall.

Before heading home to Sydney, Dr. Thompson had these kind words of encouragement to say to CERC, “God has been so kind to you, in giving you this fellowship where you can get together on mission and serve Jesus. We want to see CERC multiply all across the country.”

Farewell, Dr. Thompson! CERC thanks you for your dedication to the work of the gospel across the globe, and we wish you well!