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Dr. David Peterson speaks at CERC’s 15th Anniversary Camp

29 Aug 2023

“I had a wonderful time” were the first words of Dr. David Peterson’s remarks  on his experience after three days of preaching at CERC Camp. “… especially hearing [from] Christians who are learning from the scriptures and growing other disciples,” he added.

Dr. Peterson was invited to preach on the topic of Maturity at CERC Camp in July 2023. As the author of the NSBT (New Studies in Biblical Theology) series title “Possessed by God”, he was a fitting speaker for the camp topic at CERC’s 15th Anniversary celebration.

Over the four days of camp, he delivered talks on maturity as the goal of Christian mission, the crucified and exalted Christ being full and sufficient in nurturing Christians to maturity, and maturity & unity in Christ as His church.

Dr. Peterson encouraging CERC to pursue maturity with full conviction.


“I found the talks humbling,” said Tiong Nee, a membership candidate of CERC. “Maturity isn’t something only relevant to the super-holy elite, we all need to be mature together” she continued.


CERC joyously receiving new Christians into the church at their baptism.

“The purpose of the church isn’t to fill people with more information, the goal is to pastor people into maturity through the Word” said Dr. Peterson during his 2nd talk. During meal times, he could be seen enjoying fellowship with campers and casually asking them about their personal growth.

A warm moment between Dr. Peterson and a camper sharing about his growth and progress in his Christian life.

When asked about his hopes for CERC, he replied “I just want to say keep on being faithful, keep discerning God’s will for your lives and keep serving…God is really blessing this church and doing great things here.”