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Little People is BACK! And we have dancing parrots and talking stones!

2 Jun 2023

By Clovey Lye, with Judea Johnson

On the 18th of March, 70 Sons of Adam and Daughters of Eve* gathered at CERC for the bi-annual Little People Event – a party organised by CERC Kids where kids can meet new friends, have fun, and learn important life lessons. For many of the kids (and adults too!) this would have been their first physical Little People Event since the pandemic began in 2020. So needless to say there was much anticipation on all sides for this momentous occasion.

So as the Sons of Adam and Daughters of Eve took their first steps into the building, they were transported not into a church building, but a magical land filled with the sounds of the jungle, creeping vines, crunchy branches, and even a waterfall! As they took a deep breath in the main hall, they were greeted by the delicious mouth-watering smell of french fries – designed by the creators to invite meaningful conversations on “Who is the King of everything?”

Once all the Sons of Adam and Daughters of Eve had arrived, a face, both well-known and well-loved, appeared on stage: Zigger!

Together, everyone enjoyed a good time of songs, dance, storytime, and skits! 

Judea Johnson (12 years old), one of the Senior kids at CERC Sunday School, shared that her favourite part during this Little People was the skit when the parrot came on stage and danced a really cutesy dance! (No prizes for guessing who inspired the title of this article). For Clovey Lye, a CERC Sunday School teacher, her favourite part was watching the Songs Team, Li Qi and Gang, vibe to the song Sin Messed Everything Up by Lifeway Kids Worship! Indeed, all enjoyed their time in God’s good world.

More on the skit, because it was so good it deserved a paragraph of its own. Here is Judea’s verdict: It was so funny! The animals brought the Sons of Adam and the Daughters of Eve through the big question: Who is the King of Everything? 

They helped the kids think about what it meant to be The King in the most comical yet thought-provoking way ever! First, they wondered if it was based on strength like a tiger. Then, they wondered if it was based on outer beauty, like that of the dancing parrot; intelligence like that of the monkey; or happiness like that of the pig (spoiler, it was not).

As we slowly realised that the criteria of a true king was not found in temporary things like beauty, intelligence, happiness, popularity, admirers, or even good intentions, the tortoise showed us the point the whole of Little People had been pointing to: that the King of the Jungle (and the rest of the world) had been set a long time ago. And that the King was Jesus. All in all, Magnus Vetus et Sapiens Petra Terrae, the wise and old rock, said it the best, “There’s no point in us trying to be king, because God has already decided. God has made Jesus the King over Everything forever. The problem is that everyone wants to be number one and that’s how we betray God.” 

As the kids completed their fun craft and left the magical land filled with the sounds of the jungle, creeping vines, crunchy branches, and a waterfall, the creators hope that the message was proclaimed loud and clear: You can’t be King just because you want to! God has chosen His only Son to be the true King forever. Our prayer is that the kids would have heard God’s word and understood the call to put down their crowns, turn from their wicked ways, and live under the good rule of the One True King, Jesus. So concluded, the wonderful adventures of the Sons of Adam and Daughters of Eve through the King’s jungle.

If you feel like you’ve missed out and would like to join in on the fun, or you know a kid who would enjoy dancing to really catchy gospel-filled songs, you too can catch up with the live recording here: 

*Sons of Adam & Daughters of Eve were terms coined by C.S. Lewis, the author of The Chronicles of Narnia, a much-beloved children’s book. The term ‘Sons of Adam’ refer to male characters in the book, while ‘Daughters of Eve’ refer to the female characters. The terms were used because the creators of Little People simply loved how being called a Son of Adam or a Daughter of Eve reminds us where we all come from – humans created by God for His glory.