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CERC Welcomes 11 New Members

2 Nov 2022

At CERC, the singular motivation for its members to serve one another is born out of a true love for God. Whenever the church welcomes new members, the Feet Washing Ceremony and New Members Dinner are held to remind all members of this very truth. In October, the church had the joy and privilege of welcoming eleven fresh faces into the family. 

CERC member, Felix, washing the feet of one of the 11, Joshua Chai 

Before the ceremony started, a few new members shared their thoughts. Han Shen, a new member, shared, “I am very moved. Although I’m unworthy to be part of God’s people, I was shown mercy and grace to be included, being placed at this local church to serve with other brothers and sisters.” Jasper, another new member, also said, “I am humbled. It is as if Jesus Himself is washing my feet. Getting my feet washed is surreal.” When asked what she thought to be significant on this occasion, Beatrix said one word, “service”.

 Elder Robin Gan giving an opening address to all members at the start of the ceremony

The event started out with CERC’s Lead Elder, Pr Robin, calling the church to gather around the new members. The church was reminded of what the feet washing symbolised and the reason for it –  it is part of the fulfillment of love as taught in the New Testament. The Lord Jesus demonstrated this in Himself, the eternal Son of God becoming a servant. Pr Robin also reminded the church what obedience is about. Obedience comes from who God is, it is not merely morality but it is deeply rooted in God. Love requires actions and not just mere words. 

Pr Robin washes the feet of the youngest new member (Kristen Lam) first 

This was an appropriate tradition for God’s church to not only be reminded of the truth but also to be warned. This ceremony is important for CERC because it reminds all members to persevere until the end. To forget how to serve one another in humility would be dangerous and to take the church for granted, given the hardships and sufferings the Christian is called to.

Finally, Pr Robin read John 13 from the bible and exhorted the church to think of the passage for the hard times ahead as Christians. As we love each other, it will be a path full of pain and hardship but also the path to glory, an eternal glory. 

Thereafter, members welcomed the new members by washing their feet and speaking words of encouragement to celebrate their completion of membership. The ceremony ended with corporate prayer led by Pastor-in-Training Jerome Leng and the new members dinner ensued immediately after. 

CERC member, Joo Hui, giving a word of encouragement to new member, Jasper. 

May CERC continue to persevere as a church and be zealously determined to continue pursuing the goal of serving one another in love. This year marks 14 years of celebrating this ceremony for the church, and by God’s grace, may CERC have many more opportunities to serve both God and His people. So, here’s to many more dinners and feet washings in the years to come.