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Mums Growth Group Preaches the Christ of Christmas

24 Jan 2022

Christmas — for some, it means shiny Christmas decorations, pretty lights, and beautifully wrapped gifts. For others, it means quality family time, a season for giving, hearty food, and singing carols. And yet, for the Christian, every Christmas is not just about those things, but it is about the time to proclaim the true reason we celebrate Christmas. With this mission clear in their minds, the women from Mums Growth Group (GG) organised a special Christmas event in mid-December to tell their friends and family about the Christ of Christ-mas. Undoubtedly, the pandemic has affected everyone, but perhaps mothers especially — being the primary caretakers of their children, or if they were older and with health concerns, they are the one of the few demographics unable to attend physical church gatherings regularly.

So this Christmas, it was a wonderful opportunity for 38 women — mothers, young and old alike — to finally gather. Proper SOPs and screenings were carried out prior and during the event, and the ladies had a chance to evangelise to their family and friends who were invited to this event.

Mum’s GG Christmas event at Tropicana Golf & Country Resort

A few guests were unable to come because of the rain and impending floods. Yet that did not stop 11 newcomers from hearing the gospel. The event started off with light-hearted games, a bit of Christmas trivia fun, and carol-singing. After which, there was a skit to provoke thought on what kind of response one would display toward the good news of Jesus Christ. Just before Natalie Ooi gave a talk on “The Christ of Christmas”, Melissa Oui presented a song which beautifully conveyed the awe of who this Son of God is. 

Who is this, divine and tender, hailing from eternal shores?

Once arrayed in highest splendour, now in poverty adorned

He is Jesus, God made mortal, Word in flesh, the Light of Life

From a throne room to a stable, hope is born this holy night

(“Who is this”, verse 1 – by Sovereign Grace Music)

Natalie then gave the talk, telling them the Christmas story from Matthew 1:18-25. In her build up to the Christmas story, she explained sin and death, and therefore the need in all of us for a saviour. Toward the end of her talk, having presented the gospel, she called for reflection and repentance in all earnestness – “the biggest problem in our lives is sin, and it is not something we can rectify even if we wanted to because of sin itself… Because of sin, everyone dies, and this Christ of Christmas is the only one who gives life.”    

Natalie giving her talk on Matt 1:18-25 

Posed with the question of “what radical change would you make today in response to the Christ of Christmas?”, table discussions then ensued. Many took the opportunity to share the gospel with their friends and family as they reflected on the need for a saviour, and showed their friends how that saviour has already come. 

In reflection of the whole evangelistic purpose of this event, Melissa Oui, one of the GG assistant leaders shared, “I’m really thankful for every moment in this event, from the carols, to the fun and meaningful games, the craft session, the Christ-centred skit and Nat’s heartfelt talk on total depravity and our need for a saviour King. All these moments led to great opportunities to share the good news about Jesus Christ and the significance of His birth, life, death and resurrection. Although some may reject the good news, we trust in God’s sovereign choice and continue to plant the seed of the gospel and pray that His will be done.” 

Some of the ladies engaged in deep conversation post-talk

After the talk and table discussions, guests had the opportunity to personalise their own Christmas cards using vintage coffee painting. It was something fun and new for many of the guests. Before the event drew to an end, more carols were sung, plenty of photos were taken, and a gift was given to each guest. Some conversations resumed, while others had to be put on hold as people hurried home in the unceasing rain. 

Vintage coffee painting session

In reflection after the event, Joy Gan, the leader of Mums GG shared, “I’m thankful to God for the team effort and labour of love by the Mums GG in running the Christmas event. Many worked hard to invite their non-Christian friends, and 11 new friends heard the gospel preached by Natalie from Matthew 1. As a follow up, we’ll be offering our guests an opportunity to learn more about Christ from the Gospel of Mark, via our Look See Look See evangelistic series in January. It is our prayer that Mums GG will continue to reach out to more friends and loved ones in 2022 via our Easter and Christmas events. May God be glorified as we hold out the Word of Life to many who need to know our Master and Lord!”