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How I Came To Know the Gospel in CERC

17 Jul 2021

At CERC we’re engaged in God’s great mission to gather a people for Himself through Christ (Matthew 28:18-20). In this article, you will find individuals from our congregation that by God’s grace received the gospel through the preaching of His Word, and who are now living for this same mission

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Growing Mothers in the Word

29 Jun 2021

Throughout time, mothers have always been lauded as heroines for their sacrifice and love. However, not many people see the key role of mothers in shaping their children’s Christian education. Many focus on the intellectual, physical, emotional, and mental growth of their children whilst leaving the area of what is

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Celebrating Resurrection Sunday at CERC with the Baptism of Our Brothers and Sisters in Christ

29 May 2021

On 4 April 2021, Christ Evangelical Reformed Church (CERC) in Bandar Sunway celebrated Resurrection Sunday, which commemorates the day Jesus Christ rose from the dead, as was foretold, 3 days after His death on the cross. This year’s Resurrection Sunday gathering featured two sessions — one in the morning and

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Godly Women, Godly Emotions

28 May 2021

Womanhood with a Renewed Heart Women Encouraging Women (WEW) began with the same vision as CERC – to encourage women to be God-glorifying and Christ-centred. Given God’s good design and complementarian role of women, this women’s ministry seeks to faithfully work alongside our brothers in Christ to build God’s church.

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An Interview With The Pans: What’s Next? Updates on Seminary and Ministry

28 Apr 2021

Elden and Jou Ee Pan are members of Christ Evangelical Reformed Church (CERC), where Elden has completed the Church Ministers’ Apprenticeship (CMA) programme and is looking forward to seminary at Moore Theological College in Sydney, Australia. We sat down with them on the 14th of March this year to hear

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Helping People to ‘Get God, Get Life’ In the Midst of COVID-19

31 Mar 2021

Pushing Forward in Mission Since its infancy, Christ Evangelical Reformed Church (CERC) has always been mission-minded for Christ. Part of it has involved engaging with culture through various creative evangelistic efforts in the form of skits, introductory series on the basics of Christianity, and sermons tailored for KL urbanites –

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CERC attends Fellow Workers’ Conference

9 Mar 2020

Learning what true unity is as defined by the gospel An important part of CERC’s culture is the edification of the church through conferences. Each year, the church looks forward to a variety of conferences hosted by the Gospel Growth Fellowship (GGF). GGF conferences aim to help grow the gospel

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CERC welcomes back Pr. Jerome Leng and his family

1 Mar 2020

After 4 years in seminary, Pr Jerome returns as CERC’s newest Pastor-in-Training with his family. He reflects on his time as an apprentice, seminarian and now as CERC’s youth pastor amongst other roles. Pr. Jerome Leng was CERC’s first apprentice in Church Ministers’ Apprenticeship (CMA) back in 2010. Since then,

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Holding Fast to Christ Through Sickness

20 Feb 2020

A year ago, June Wong a member of CERC, received the news which confirmed her suspicion of the lump she felt on her neck — she was diagnosed with cancer. “The doctors told me that it was Stage 3 throat cancer and that I had to start radiotherapy and chemotherapy

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Blessed with Growth Grounded in the Gospel, the Ground Floor Opens

30 Dec 2019

A year ago, faced with the continued growth of our congregation, the increasing number of mothers and young infants among our midst, and the increasing demands of ministry, we realised we needed more space. We also recognised that our location on the first and second floor of a building meant

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A Case for Learning Greek

1 Oct 2019

The Greek language is notorious for having lots of rules for grammar which many seminarians struggle with to varying degrees with when they first started learning the language.  The difficulty of grasping the ancient language has led to some theological seminaries making the study of the Greek language, or even

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A Moment in BMT, A Lifetime of Ministry

12 Feb 2019

Meet Soo Jia Ying and Choong Mun Vee. Jia Ying and Mun Vee lodge under the same roof, sometimes wear matching outfits to church, and most importantly, share the same ardour for God! In line with that spirit, the two young women have resolved to live under the Lordship of Christ, no matter what paths their lives may lead them down. In order to equip themselves for the arduous path to the outside (Heb 13:10-14), they became the two most recent trainees of our Basic Ministry Training programme (BMT), a full-time programme designed for Christians to experience serving the church as part of the staff for a period of up to one year. We recently spoke with the two of them about their experiences under BMT thus far. Continue reading

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