14th Anniversary | Christ Evangelical Reformed Church (CERC)

Hi, it's our 14th birthday!

If you are new here, follow us as we take a trip down the memory lane of CERC. If you have been part of us, we hope that this brings you back to some bittersweet memories we have as a church.

CERC was started with one concern: to be a church that is Christ-centered and God-glorifying. Because of this concern, we have been wholeheartedly (but imperfectly) striving to be a #ChurchWithoutCompromise. It has not been an easy journey. We faced adversity in the form of persecution and rejection (just as our Lord promised), and not least the death throes of our own sinful natures. But by God's grace, He has persevered and sustained us for 14 years.

In light of our 14th birthday, we have prepared something special for you.

Although it hasn't been easy, there are more than pains and tears. We will let the song and one special item do the talking. Full videos will be premiering on September 4th, our Foundation Day (Sunday).

You are invited to join us at 9:10 AM or 4:45 PM! You can simply head to Join us on Sunday to find out more details.

Halfway (14th anniversary song)

Stay tuned for this space for a special surprise on 4th September!

Ever wonder what was the story of CERC?

We have specially prepared the following for you.
(Grab a cup of tea. Enjoy!)

CERC was founded in 2008 by Elder Robin Gan! The church first gathered at his humble home, but over the years, with the Lord blessing us with growth, we eventually moved to our current home at CERC Central, located in Bandar Sunway.

CERC's Milestones

Truthfully, CERC's beginnings predate its founding in 2008. When our founding elder was just a young man, another man changed the landscape of evangelical Christianity in Sydney and other parts of Australia.

That man was Philip Jensen - Robin's spiritual father and leader, from whom Robin learned how to teach and minister. Philip's ministry was the blueprint of what would eventually become CERC.

Watch Robin speak about Philip's ministry and how it influenced him and CERC!

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One of the biggest blessings God bestowed on CERC are the teachers He has given us. Soli Deo Gloria! Of course, there is Elder Robin and other pastors-in-training, but in addition, there were other God-fearing leaders skilled in Word from whom we have had the privilege to learn.

We have curated a short playlist for you to hear from them what they thought of our ministry. We hope you will be encouraged by their words.

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God has done amazing work in the people at CERC. Here are some testimonies and stories from our brothers and sisters at CERC.

If you prefer reading, you can access all of our testimonies & stories in blog form!

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