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Celebrating 13 years of CERC

8 Nov 2021

This year, on the Sunday leading up to our 13th Foundation Day on the 31st of August, CERC reached the end of our Ephesians series. It was apt then, that the sermon was on Ephesians 6:10-24, calling the church to stand firm as the Body of Christ and wear the full armour of God, ready at all times to stand against the schemes of the devil. It was a call for the church to persevere in faith, hope, and love for many more years to come.

In conjunction with the virtual celebration, the church also celebrated by gathering in watch parties in various Growth Groups (GGs). Together, the church looked back on how far we have come – thanking God for the grace He has given us these many years. Gatherings over Zoom were lit up with celebratory virtual backgrounds, provided by our Marketing department. Prayers and words of encouragement that showed the work of God in the life of the church were also shared during the gathering.

“God’s purpose embraces his entire creation. It is as a part of that creation that he made us, to govern and take care of it. It is also as part of his creation that he intends to deliver us from sin. The end result is that his church is to be the spearhead of a renovated and restored cosmos.”

– Robert Letham, the Work of Christ, pg. 211

For 13 years, CERC has painstakingly sought to be faithful to God’s Word and celebrate the grace of Christ in His truth by being boldly and uncompromisingly evangelical reformed in our ministry. This Foundation Day, as the church celebrated, we also looked back at what makes a church a church and reminded ourselves that at the end of the day, all that matters is: Has CERC lived up to “the church of God as the spearhead of a renovated and restored cosmos?” as Letham explains in his book?

In view of this, on the week leading up to 31st August 2021, many of CERC’s departments also came together in various commemorative celebrations to join in praise over God’s faithfulness in preserving and persevering us as a church. 

Our youngest strata of the congregation celebrated Foundation Day with a Sunday school lesson on Mark 13. Head of Children’s Ministry, Emma Lo, said, “The children learnt and participated in what it means to stand firm during the final days till Jesus the Son of Man returns. The children were also interviewed by their parents, to share their understanding and hope for the church. Not only were the children themselves having their fill of living waters, but the adults also expressed that they have been encouraged by the children’s lessons.” As part of the celebration, Sunday School also prepared a video for the church (below).

Our Marketing department also celebrated CERC’s 13th birthday by doing what they do best: creating content that shows the world what CERC’s ministry is all about and why we are grateful to God for sustaining the church! Our head of Marketing, Kae Sheng, shared that, “every year we are amazed at how far we have come as a church, and we are always encouraged by the Gospel culture stories and testimonies shared by those who have benefitted from CERC’s ministry. Every year when we fear the worst as we face various persecutions and challenges, God always surprises us with His grace and providence to keep us going for another year.” Indeed, God’s providence is seen in many of our members who put their gifts and creativity on display with what they wrote, sung, and tik-tok-ed as their birthday wishes for the church and put them on social media. You will be deeply encouraged as you read and watch these on CERC’s Instagram (IG) stories.

One case in point is our head of Production House, Lim Xin Le. She was part of a  birthday performance video, covering one of CERC’s original songs, “Keep Us Faithful”. It was put on IGTV as part of her efforts in appreciating and celebrating CERC’s work which has changed the lives of many students like herself. Xin Le is a fresh graduate who has just started working as a medical product consultant in January 2021. Her department serves in producing evangelical reformed creative works in church. 

She shares, “I have been in CERC for about 5.5 years now. What really keeps me going through the ups and downs of ministry is the faithful preaching of God’s Word on the pulpit every single Sunday! Although CERC has been meeting up mostly virtually, I thank God that the church has been putting in a lot of hard work to ensure that we still meet up together online and not give up on speaking the truth to one another in all the ways that we can. Regarding my role as the head of department, although I am young and not the most competent person in my department, my members have never seen me any less but have treated me as their leader with respect and honour, such that we are able to grow together as a team. The way they have treated me, and all the departmental works have been a great reminder for me to not look inwardly when I fail, but to see that we are one united Body in Christ, transformed to be able to do good works for Jesus. On this 13th birthday of CERC, my wish is that each of my department members would be able to understand the privilege of being able to serve God’s church and to see their important role in building up the church using the gifts that God has given to us. I pray that my team would be eager to understand God’s Word more and more and that we would be able to translate theology into all the creative works, so that through our works, the church may be encouraged, and more people would come to know Christ.” 

Friends of CERC extending their well wishes and prayers for our continued ministries.

If we could sum up the 13 years of ministry, no words would suffice in describing the richness of God’s grace we have seen. Our deep joy as God’s church is purified and forged again and again in the crucible of trials. As our church continues to grow in number and maturity, our prayer is that our spiritual roots will grow all the more deeply into the streams of living waters that God has provided so graciously in His Word, and by His Spirit, and for us to continue in every spiritual blessing that we have in Christ.

CERC, be steadfast, immovable and always abounding in the LORD’s work because you know that your labour is not in vain in Him. Blessed 13th birthday!

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