How Ezekiel Sobered Me Up

Posted on 8 Apr 2023 by CERC

Phileo Damansara Growth Group

The common mindset is “Since I’m saved, I can now relax. Do I really have to work on my holiness, study the Word deeply, and proclaim the gospel to those around me? Doesn’t God love me just the way I am?”

The book of Ezekiel is a sobering reminder that Israel, the very people of God with God’s laws, God’s word, and God’s presence, took Him and His mercy for granted. They sinned continually, believing themselves saved, and let their desires for comfort, security, and riches take over. They saw how beautiful their life had become, and left behind the one who had given them their beauty.

But God will not tolerate sin. He is holy, solely deserving of their love. In His righteous judgement, God destroys His own people, so that they may know He is the Lord. 

I am grateful that my local church, CERC proclaims God as He wants to be known – holy, righteous, and intolerant of sin. But I cannot fall into the trap of thinking that since I am in a faithful church, I can slack off. Just like in the book of Ezekiel, if God can punish His own people for not behaving like His people, how much more will the punishment be that we will receive for not being like Christ — the one who died to save us? 

My encouragement to the church would be: let Ezekiel be the reminder that we cannot take God lightly. We must know who God truly is in His Word, know ourselves in the judgement that we rightly deserve, and live a life that God wants us to live. Keep on proclaiming Him. Keep on being brothers and sisters with one another, and hold fast until the end.

If you wish to grow in the knowledge of God, come and check out our Ezekiel series here.

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