#GodsStory ft. Mums Growth Group: Seeing God’s Big Picture

Posted on 4 Jun 2020 by CERC

#GodsStory ft. Mums Growth Group: Seeing God’s Big Picture

CERC launched its biblical theological series entitled “God’s Story” in January this year. The first part of the series covers the Old Testament. We got some of the mothers from Mums Growth Group to share their testimonies on what they have learned so far!


We really need to know God for who He really is and we can start by reading the Bible with the right attitude, which is one that is not self-seeking and not for self-benefit. To do otherwise would be setting ourselves up for disappointment and disillusionment as it will result in an entirely false view of who God actually is.


My first sermon with CERC was when the church started on the book of Leviticus. The pastor made this statement – if your reaction is “Why is God so particular about rules and following instructions?”, then either you don’t recognise the greatness of His holiness, or, you don’t think your sin is as big a deal as it really is. And I was like, “Wait, whaaat?!!” … I really don’t know God… and myself… as I should.

Every sermon after that has helped me see clearly that God initiates steps so that He can be in our presence, NOT the other way round. We cannot approach Him by our own way. God teaches us how to live a holy life for a holy God, through His Word, by the Holy Spirit. 

As God’s priesthood, each one of us has a responsibility to preserve God’s holiness, to fill the earth with God’s glory, through the preaching of the gospel. God’s presence is key, His presence is what brings victory – to the people of Israel, to me.I am ashamed. I am humbled. Knowing that this God whom I thought I knew, has been doing so much more than I ever cared to know, all because of His love, for me. Am I that precious? To Him, I am worth every drop of blood Christ shed! 😭 How can I not want to dwell in His presence forever? So I will strive, harder… to be holy… to fear God… to be wise… to be faithful.

Esther Hwang

Going through the Pentateuch has reminded me of God’s mercy and grace to undeserving sinners like myself. It was eye-opening to see how each book flowed from one to the next; how it was one big consistent story of God saving people who didn’t deserve saving and providing sinful man a way to dwell with the Holy God. It has certainly changed the way I will (and plan to) read difficult books like Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy from now on.   


I used to struggle to read the Old Testament (OT) rightly… like, “Is this referencing Jesus? What is the significance of this event (if there is any)? Do we really have to read the OT in order to get the bigger picture of God’s salvation?” There were so many questions that I conveniently pushed aside because I struggle to read the Old Testament as it is!

From the start of the sermon series on God’s Story in January 2020 till today, I discovered renewed awe and insight into the reading and understanding of Scripture for all it’s worth. I saw how the Pentateuch is connected to, and is a continuous story of, God’s faithfulness and determination in carrying out His promises despite man’s unfaithfulness. Flowing from this understanding, I now appreciate the cross even more! That one event changed history and the lives of those who are tied to it… mine included.

Yee Li

The biblical theology sermon series has helped me keep the right perspective in mind as I get a better picture of how God sovereignly works out His salvation plan throughout history – from creation to consummation. I pray for diligence in studying the Scriptures so that I can worship Him rightly.   

If you’ve been encouraged by the testimonies above and would like to be part of a Growth Group, join us for our weekly meetups here! Interested to tune in to the sermons in the God’s Story series instead? Catch up here.

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