Basic Ministry Training (BMT) at CERC: Emerlyn Khong

Posted on 24 Nov 2017 by CERC

Emerlyn tells us about her own #CERCStory, particularly about her time during BMT in CERC.

Emerlyn's BMT

1. What exactly is BMT?

BMT stands for Basic Ministry Training. It’s a good opportunity for Christians to serve the church on a full-time basis over a short period to experience what the pastoral staff in church do every day. I would meet students on university campuses for one-on-one discipleship sessions and would also run group bible studies along with 2 Ways to Live training. Besides this, I also helped out in daily church operations and managed the department I oversee in church, which is Tidiness and Housekeeping. I also involved myself in helping out with CERC camp.

2. What motivated you to do BMT?

I decided to sign up for Basic Ministry Training in 2015 when we were doing the book of Luke. In one particular study with the TGG 3 girls, I was deeply challenged by the text on Jesus’ Lordship, and Joo Hui asked the group to seriously consider what we were going to do with our lives in response to this Lord.

So I decided to do BMT so that I could be better equipped to serve in future ministry opportunities as a working adult and as a future mother. And the perfect timing popped up since I had a waiting period before being assigned for my pharmacy practical training.

Emerlyn's BMT

3. How did you find BMT?

I found BMT truly enjoyable and it definitely played an important role in my personal growth and sanctification. I learnt to understand and appreciate how the leadership in CERC runs the church and learnt to work with Christians from different backgrounds and personalities. I am also grateful that people in church were willing to forgive my silly mistakes and sinfulness, and in the process, I learnt to forgive people too.

Given that I had time to reflect on my life and ministry, I also learnt a lot about myself, my strengths, weaknesses, and how I could either help or harm the church.

I struggled in learning to love others and work with people who are sinful, but I was also encouraged to see them struggle to defeat sin, renounce their old lives and persevere through suffering. Moreover, I was also greatly encouraged to see Christians that I ministered to grow in maturity as they encountered the Word of God. And I am really thankful for how far they have grown as Christians.

Additionally, through BMT, I developed a greater fear of the Lord and was reminded that I am an unworthy sinner saved by God through His Son’s death and resurrection. It reminded me that this life I live is not my own, rather it belongs to Christ and I should use it to serve Him and His church in thankfulness, as a response to God’s saving grace.

4. Would you recommend for other Christians to also think about BMT?

I would definitely recommend BMT to every Christian who wants to be better equipped for ministry and service to the church. There is always a great need for word ministers and people to help out in church, and BMT gives you a great opportunity to be involved in a hands-on manner.

BMT also helps train you to be better Christian employees, wives, mothers, daughters and church members – in other words, I think that everyone should consider doing BMT! 🙂

Emerlyn's BMT

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